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Hi there. Come closer. I won't bite. I've got a story for you. It's about a man name Blake Detherage. He grew up drawing before he could remember walking. He's lived a life of love and growth and pain and sorrow, but most of all he keeps kicking to share the beauty he finds in the world and in others with anyone willing to have a look. 

He has spent plenty of time travelling and in and out of plenty of schools from the University of Illinois in Springfield to the Art Institutes in Chicago and Atlanta to Robert Morris University and even studied abroad at the Florence University of the Arts. 

In his time travelling, learning, and loving life he has learned from a beautiful cornucopia of teachers, all imparting their knowledge on design, drawing, photography, animation, marketing, life, and love. 

Since then he has been working on providing art and expression for those that ask of it. Yet, more importantly he wants to express for others what they cannot express themselves. He wants to engage them in a world of imagination. However, he still makes time for his own personal growth and projects including drawing, painting, and game design. ​

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