• Blake Detherage

New beginnings again

I've decided to start posting again! You're welcome. The muck of Facebook, especially during these dire times, has only become... well, muckier, and I need a safe place to store my work so they aren't absorbed by social media. This will be my safe place, and you are always welcome.

Here I will post updates on projects I'm working on, and do my best to bring regular content, whatever that could be, for you to enjoy. This, like much of the world, is a reformation. So, expect changes throughout the page as I add more, customize more, and categorize more. There will be musings, projects, irreverence, and absurdity! Can you dig it?

Together we'll get there! I look forward to seeing you on this new journey of mine.


In the meantime enjoy this absurd edit of Commander Riker I captured with my iPhone and edited with Pixlr on my phone.

Imagine the delightful curse of spewing Milky Ways every time you tried to talk. Think about it. Go on. No one's watching. ;)

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